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The Watcher #5 November 1990

Here is a letter from Demon Ov Fornication which was found in THE WATCHER a magazine calling itself NEW ZEALAND VOICE OF THE LEFT HAND PATH. This letter was in #5 November 1990. At the bottom is the editorial which he is replying too, this was taken from #4 September 1990.

Thanks for the letter you sent me. It really raised questions in my mind. Yes, I deliberated intensely as to how I should answer your question on what such terms as 'death' band and 'brutal death metal' mean. You see, this term 'brutal death metal; has something to do with 'black metal' music. Though there do exist bands in the same style as us they are not Satanic bands, and I felt that my acts belie my words. And gradually it dawned on me: there is quite a big conflict with our lyrics and TRUE Satanism. And I'm referring to your brilliant editorial in The Watcher (Sept. 1990CE) "Satan: God or Anti-God?". It was a most pleasant reading experience, and contained the fundamental Satanic affirmations. You say that "the only 'god' the Satanist worships is his own Self, leading towards a Godhead of our own conception." We do have a song, quite old though, called 'Goat-Worship' on our 'Demonomancy' demo. Yes, I emphasized 'old' because nowadays we have started to recognize the god within in our lyrics. Now we are into praising the absolute greatness and beauty of Satanism, instead of worshipping Satan or anything else.
Maybe our music could be consider 'black metal' but I can assure you that our band BEHERIT doesn't have anything to do with the things you mentioned (drunkenness, attempted suicide and animal sacrifice). Why should I call our music 'brutal' then? It's just that the music we play is very speedy, but suddenly it can turn into something we call 'doom'-part: they very heavy part. So, one could say it is brutal. As for the term 'death metal', I think it is just one of those stupid clichés that 'heavy metal' has been full of from the early bands of the 70s. Bands which play 'death metal' just seem to sing about death. In our case you could say we sing about the death of Christianity, and the label 'death band' is just a lousy joke; ignore it.
Satanic Greetings
Demon Ov Fornication
Satanic Metal Temple, Finland


Often it is that we come across the terms 'Devil-worshipper' and 'Satanist' used synonymously: in the sensationalist tabloids, funny smears, TV. dramas, Hollywood horrors, and even among Satanists themselves.
What is the nature of this worship, and is it an appropriate manifestation of the Satanic philosophy?
'Devil-worshippers' there undoubtedly are. As far as they exist in the Western world they can be seen primarily among adolescents and psychotics/neurotics. Typically they are big on Denis Wheatley-type theatrics, but philosophically lacking. Some are rebelling against parents, trying to shock, or escape from reality by pandering to fantasy. In so doing the Devil-worshipper has substituted Satan for Jehovah/Jesus. He has become an inverse-Christian, but is a long way off from the truly Satanic.
Satan is the 'god' of such types, but Satan is not God; he is Anti-God.

According to the Judeo-Christian mythos, Man was separated from his 'Creator' when he partook of the Tree of Knowledge, thereby gaining wisdom and self-consciousness. This was offered, promethean-style by The Serpent, Satan. This put him on the road to potential godhood; thus mankind fell from the state of grace in the eyes of the Creator. (Gen. Ch. 2-3).
The Gen. legend is a Hebraic elaboration of the Babylonian Creation epic, which recounts more vaguely that Man drew wrath of the Gods by similarly acquiring a godlike capacity for wisdom. A serpent is also involved somehow. (Chaldean Account of Genesis, Tr. by G. Smith).
In both the Genesis and Babylonian legends the central theme is the separation of Man from God(s), after acquiring godlike attributes from a Being considered 'evil' by the godly on that account.
The Satanic gift is thus one of separating man from divine subordination and dependence, and from the dull, static contentedness of an 'Eden' in which nothing changes from millennium-to-millennium, accept by a godly whim.
It is precisely god-worship which Man was liberated by the 'Serpent', just as Satan liberated himself and a large percentage of the Angelic host from the divine-tyrant, as brilliantly rendered by John Milton in Paradise Lost, and Dr Michael Aquino, High Priest of Set, in The Diabolicon.

God-worship of any kind, including and especially devil-worship, is quite clearly blasphemy unto Satan. Devil-worship is the negation of the very Gift of Satan, for his promise to Mankind was that we shall 'be as gods', by freeing ourselves from godly tyranny. Today psychologists call it self-actualization; self-proclaimed Anti-Christ philosopher Nietzsche call it self-overcoming; in both instances the emphasis is on the Self, freed from the bondage of herd-conformity, whether prescribed by priestly superstition or herd-morality.
The only 'god' the Satanist worships is his own Self, leading towards a Godhead of our own conception.
Worship other than this is to render worthless the Gift of Satan.
This principle was wonderfully stated by Anatole France in his The Revolt of the Angels. Satan launches an attack on Heaven and is victorious. He casts Ialdabaoth (Jehovah) into Hell and assumes his throne...
"And Satan found pleasure in praise and in the exercise of his grace; he loved to hear his wisdom and power be lauded...
"Satan, whose flesh had crept, in days gone by, at the idea that suffering prevailed in the world, now felt himself inaccessible to pity. He regarded suffering and death as the happy results of his omnipotence... the savour of the blood of victims rose upwards towards him like sweet incense. He fell to condemning intelligence and to hating curiosity. He himself refused to learn anything more, for fear that in acquiring fresh knowledge he might let it be seen that he had not known everything from the very outset...
"Dense fumes of Theology filled his brain...
"Thus centuries passed like seconds. Now, one day, from the altitudes of his throne, he plunged his gaze into the depths of the pit and saw Ialdabaoth in the Gehenna where he himself had long lain enchained. Amid the everlasting gloom Ialdabaoth still retained his lofty mien. Blackened and shattered, terrible and sublime, he glanced upwards at the palace of the King of Heaven with a look of proud disdain, then turned away his head. And the new god, as he looked upon his foe, beheld the light of intelligence and love pass across his sorrow-stricken countenance. And lo! Ialdabaoth was now contemplating the Earth and, seeing it sunk in wickedness and suffering, he ... rose up ... and hastened hither to instruct and console mankind..."
But all this was only a nightmare Satan was having. He had not yet begun his war against God, and he awoke bathed in sweat...
"Comrades," said Satan to those standing around him, "no - we will not conquer the heavens. Enough to have the power. War engenders war, and victory defeat.
"God conquered will become Satan; Satan, conquering, will become God. May the fates spare me this terrible lot; I love the Hell which formed my genius. I love the Earth where I have done some good... Now, thanks to us, the god of old is dispossessed of his terrestrial empire, and every thinking being on this globe disdains him or knows him not. But what matter that men should no longer be submissive to Ialdabaoth if the spirit of Ialdabaoth is still in them; if they, like him, are jealous, violent, quarrelsome, and greedy, and the foes of the arts and beauty?... As  to ourselves... we have destroyed Ialdabaoth, our Tyrant, if in ourselves alone that we have destroyed Ignorance and Fear.
"...It is in ourselves and in ourselves alone that we must attack and destroy Ialdabaoth."
The Satanist does not pray, he does not beg to Satan, nor perform any knee-bending exercises. He recognizes the god within and works to actualize it. If he performs rituals or declares Satanic affirmations these are to evoke the powers of his own Being, latent or otherwise, and draw upon energies which are only being realized now by the mundane sciences.

Who or what is Satan? A malevolent figure of hideous aspect demanding that his adherents kiss his arse in homage? Reading the Old Testament and The Revelation the description seems more fitting for Jehovah, as Anatole France clearly recognised.
The following description of the 'Devil' by Paul Carus, author of The History of The Devil states well the nature of Satan as perceived today by thinking Satanist:
"Evil personified appears at first sight repulsive. But the more we study the personality of the Devil, the more fascinating it becomes. In the beginning of existence the Evil One is the embodiment of everything unpleasant, then of everything bad, evil and immoral. He is hatred, destruction, and the annihilation incarnate, and as such he is the adversary of existence, of the Creator, of God. The Devil is the rebel of the cosmos, the independent in the empire of the tyrant, the opposition to uniformity, the dissonance in universal harmony, the exception to the rule, the particular in the universal, the craving for originality, which bodily upsets the ordinance of God that enforce a definite kind of conduct; he overturns the monotony that would permeate the cosmic spheres if  every atom in unconscious righteousness and with pious obedience slavishly followed a generally prescribed course."
Satan can be seen from the above description to be the embodiment of those forces which lead to progress by upsetting the static order where necessary, which led Man from primal, animalistic existence towards that which is truly 'human'. This is the real significance of the Genesis legend, and the 'Fall' of Man away from 'God'.
Satan then is not God, but Anti-God. His demand is that he is not worshipped, but rather that Man worships the God within and thereby strives towards higher forms of Being, for in doing so we truly honour bothourselves and Satan.

Sepulchral Noise #5 March 1991

This is a truly satanic band from Finland, who play quite fast brutal death-metal. The tape I received is called "Demonomancy" and is from 6.6.90. I also received a live recording (with 8 trax) from their home town 9.6.90. Here they also play two covers of SARCOFAGO; "Satanas" and "Nightmare", so send some money for their stuff, ok! When you read this, their 7" EP (entitled "Dawn of Satan's Millennium") is probably out on Shithouse Records. Well, here comes an interview answered by Demon The Seventh Devil of Fornication:

In Finland it seems like there's several gore bands than satanic bands, but you're still a satanic band. Why have you chosen the satanic image and what do you think about gore lyrics and stuff like that?
-Many gore bands in Finland? I think that there aren't many of them either. Yes, we chose to be a Satanic band after we became aware of our Satanic consciousness. WE Mankind: we shall 'be as gods' by freeing ourselves from godly tyranny. And we also became aware of the self-deceit of Judeo-Christianity and other herd-moralities and slave creeds. "Following the Left Hand Path" - only possible way to us. What comes to those gore bands; at least I'm not that dogmatic or 'inquisitional', one can do whatever he wants. So, gore bands can make gore lyrics if they want. Anyhow actually I find them quite trendy. (true words -ed).

You have pretty long nick-names (like BLASPHEMY). How comes that?
-Yeah, it's true and I can't deny the effect of Blasphemy into them. But you can't explain them, they are our magickal names although I usually use Daimon Ov Fornication, for example.

You told me that you were influenced by bands like BLASPHEMY, SAMAEL, MASTER'S HAMMER and ROTTING CHRIST. So what do you think of all the major thrash-metal bands around?
-I'm not into that 'thrash-metal', I think it's so boring and powerless. I hope all that thrash/speed trend finds it's quick end soon. Major thrash-bands suck quite badly. I think underground death metal bands should get lots of more attention in media.

On your piston it's printed "Satanic Metal Temple". Is that just a name for your contact address or is it a contact address for something more?
-"Satanic Metal Temple" is just name of our contact address, though we have certainly thought about registering it and form a Satanic organization, but it would take too much time; the band takes most of our time.

How many gigs have you played and with whom? How is stage show?
-We have played quite few gigs, less than 10. Our last gig was with XYSMA (you know, quite cool gore-core from southern Finland) but mainly we've played with other local bands here in North-Finland. On our gigs at least I'm "weltering in Blood", Necro-Vengeance and Sodomatic Slaughter have black face & corpse painting on. In future there should be more blood and fire on the stage and of course lots of upside-down crosses and pentagrams. We've planned to perform some Satanic rituals on stage, too. Oh, I almost forgot: we should be playing in Norway, too, in December, with Mayhem and Xerasia... Hail Satan!

When do you use to write your letters?
-At nights (naturally), around midnight. It's the hour of the Lucifer's Children...

Do you practice any kind of black magic?
-Yes, lots of... I applied for enrollment as a student to 'Collegium Satanas', a correspondence course in Satanism founded by New-Zealandian Satanist organization "Order of the Left Hand Path". I should be qualified as Satanist priest about in one month. That is if I ever pass the course (there is examinations as writing essays in English and some practical exercises). Shall the Powers of Hell give support to me...

What do you think of people who find them self as being vampires?
-They are our Satanic allies as all other Hordes of HIS Infernal Majesty. 'The best blood is the blood of newborn, unbaptized male child, the the Blood of the Moon.." (Aleister Crowley) Yeah, Vampyric rituals, blood of the victims dripping from the Altar.

On your second demo '90 ("Demonomancy") the A side is called "Side of First Death" and the B side is called "Side of Second Death". Does this have anything to do with any occult thing, or...?
-Telling the truth, I don't know for sure. It was in Necro-Vengeance's totally morbid mind where this unholy idea was invented. Maybe there is some occultik link between the names of the sides.

In which way do you want to die?
-In one of our nocturnal self-mutilating rituals... No, maybe then when I'm old and useless, fitting only for Ritual abuse. I would be laying in my Coffin as the Troops of Fallen Angel would come and take my soul into the sources of eternal Wisdom; I would be one with the Satanic Universe...

What do you think happen after you die?
-The real Satanist does not know whether or not there is life after death. No one (living) does either! Anyhow, I think there is going to be lots of fire in the place I'll go.

Anything more you would like to say?
-Keep on following the Left Hand Path, in the Sign of the Horns, in the sign of Baphomet... Keep on hailing in the signs os Satan! And for the priests of Christian herd-conformity: May the Scourge of Hell forever be upon their heads! HAIL SATAN!

Liquid Of Life Zine 1991
The beast of damnation BEHERIT declared extinction of mankind anno 1989 launching an ultimate assault with flame-thrower leaving a thick suffocate & oppressive black cloud, the dead day arrived when the war command bursted through the three demonic demos penetrating the faceless shadow...The abysmal desecration under sordid nocturnal evil stabbed in the back the lord of light drinking blackblood in the chalice of dead preparing a black mass prayer for a bestial summoning in hell,pentagram circle sacrifice,inverted cross,bondage,rape to comb the trinity with spermgoat of 'Dawn of the satan's millennium' single. Just need to watch old BEHERIT videos to cut your veins, chained in utter darkness to the hateful glory of sathanas might.These devil servants summoned finish black metal for eternity and incriminated the trip of current weak craps black metal bands sucking their false satanic supremacy.Incorrigible Holocausto Vengeance full of contradictions sometimes started the ceremonial fire calling the legion of hell to crush these judeo-christian parasites that pollute the planet

01 - Epilogue : Briefly recall us the history of the band. What's the meaning of Beherit and why have you chosen that name?

Beherit was founded in necro-summer 1989. It was demon and me who started this death and I can say that we were death metal in Sarcofago,old Death vein when we started.'Seventh Blasphemies' was recorded in February 1990 and we went to studio in june 1990 to record our second demo called 'Demonomancy' and stuff to our ep we recorded in august 1990 in the same studio but with different sound.Some line-up changes...Demon Fornication is out member. Beherit is a syriac name for Satan that we took from La Vey's satanic bible and it's one of the infernal names: the name Beherit sounds evil and dark,we thought.

02 - Well, i see that Beherit is a young band,after one demo recorded in November 1990 you recorded a single 7',you have a lot of chance seeing your unpopularity for the moment, isn't it?
November 1990. Haha really? Where you heard this...? As I said we started in summer 1989. In 1988 I had a band called Pentagram, we are not one of those fucking trendy bands and never had a speed metal crap here.

03 - What was the reponse for your old releases? Any of you have planned other stuffs in the near future?
Great! But we have got also bad ones from some zines. Humm Turbo Music spread our name to everywhere but we try to keep band only in underground especially in black/death metal scene. We made some mistakes when we sent our promo to wimps,ect...our new studio tape has been out in the end of may and of course it is more evil,dark and better.

04 - So,are you satisfied with 'Dawn of Satan's Millennium' single 7"? Why have you decided to make a picture 7", unusual I find?
Yes we are, but we don't play those tracks anymore. The choice about picture vinyl was by Turbo Music.

05 - How is the contract with Turbo Music and were there others labels which showed interest in signing you?

Shithouse dudes wrote us. Some others labels wrote us too, but too late.

06 - Why Turbo Music released your last demo and ep together as if it was an album?
Because they wanted more money...

07 - Well, did you know for which reason the satanic death metal bands have a particular sound, different than the sound of the other death metal bands?

We satanic bands get our sound from brutal darkness and we play with dark feeling, normal death bands just play cause it's a trend now.I must sat that I like about some non-satanic bands who sing about horror and insane things.But all we can notice is that many of these bands change their style and lyrics soon to politic etc..shit.It's a trend now...(Ron whatever do you mean???i know a few death metal bands addicted with politic so i will be really curious to know some names!!! anyway you behave as fuckin' wimp there)Satanic lyrics are not any trend(Ron : no agree with you, it is enough to look the ton of bands who used this topic since the eighties).All hate these and that's good.

08 - Sincerely I feel your main influences comes of Bathory legend, the desecrating Canadian Blasphemy and Blood(Germany) So,do you agree with these influences and then are you aware of that?

Blasphemous Bathory!!!Yes we know what we play and I hate this that everybody say we copy Blasphemy. Some wimps told us that our ep is a copy of Blasphemy and new Sarcofago. If guy listens to only disco music they think that for instance, Venom, Entombed, Rotting Christ are the same noise, yes! It's funny that there are 1000 bands who sound just like Carcass/Paradise Lost, but they are megagodzzzzz,hah! Some good bands. Blasphemy is our biggest influence because we love their style of music to play brutal.

09 - Are you true satan worshipers and what's your own definition of satanism?
Sodomatic goat satanism in unholy blackness! I believe my own dark spirits and there is no reason to tell about those in this mag.

10 - Any of you are active member of the 'Church Of Satan' then? How do you consider Anton Szandor La Vey?
I do not understand your questions on satanism.

11 - Nevertheless its sure you are interested by black masses, however you haven't to diffuse your ideas concerning your concept. It's a sort of secret path. On the other hands, you can tell your convictions to other satanic people if you want. So,what do you think of the fanzines that make articles on this subject when you see that not only satanic people read only the death metal fanzines?
We get lots of hate from those non-satanic people.They believe all rumours that wimpy thrashers spread. It's stupid to believe only rumours if you don't know anything real about that thing. Some new ' death' kids who don't know anything about real death satanic things for only satanic mags where readers know what they read. False zines must learn to do articles only about false bands.

12 - A funny question now, I would like to know what attitude do you have when you go to the cemeteries with any bitches during the fullmoon? Tell us some good experiences that you got?

No strumpets here, sorry! Yes Rovaniemi city sucks but there are some cool cemeteries where we spend our time every summer.

13 - I continue on decadence, what sort of blood and flesh do you like drink and eat? perhaps human flesh after have made a sacrifice rite.
Blood yes, but human flesh is a bit hard to find.

14 - In fact will you have something to say about the leader Glen Benton of Deicide who claims to be a real satanist?

For me Deicide is just a big comedy. I don't know about Glen Benton, they can do what they want but...?

15 - Okay, return to speak of Beherit if you want well. Any of you have programmed any gigs in your future plans?
Oooaahuu,what? nothing really important. We will play our 12th gig the next week end with many stupid bands, but we will play much different show that our others have been, we have planned also an occult gig with Impaled Nazarene for the next weekend.

16 - I believe if my information is updated that you already did gigs in Finland with Xysma, Funebre ect...How is Beherit's live atmosphere?
The scene is good in the south of Finland. We are satisfied with only two gigs we have made. We try to do better gigs in the near future: war, paint, blood, noise ect....

17 - Would you like to live at the time of inquisition or do you prefer to live in the twentieth century because there are more liberties for a satanist?
This is just good time for me but more interesting is to know what will happen after death.Have we immortal souls???

18 - A stupid question but essential, what would be your biggest dreams never realized in your deathlife?
To get full sleeves by ink and moves to the States!

19 - Epilogue : Nuclearholocaust war is end,i let you the last evil words

Thank you.Don't guys to get anything personaly.WAR and SODOMY !!!!Get's worship him!!!!

Z.A.S.T. Mag #2 1991-92(?)

Anyone out there noticing that almost all the bands who had an article in no 1 is being featured again here with an interview? If not go fishing old bro'!!!! Well, BEHERIT here has released that 7" + alot of line-up changes!! I haven't heard that ep yet, but there's never too late (I hope). I guess that's it dude. Here's the interview with Holocausto:

What's the story about BEHERIT??

-"6/89, 1/90, 2/90, 2/91. From the pits of hell. "

You're very interested in the occult, right? Have
you ever succeed in practicing spirituals?
-"Yes, I am very satisfied with my rituals I did last summer. Fire water & your own magic in darkness."

Who is your fave Blackmetal bands?

How much has your demo "demonomancy" sold?
-"I don't know...We advertised that only 3 months. About 400 copies at all."

Is BLAPSHEMY a big influence to you?

Is it so that you're the northest Death/Blackmetal band in the world?
-"Yes...I guess..CHRIST BLOOD coes from iceland. Oh man...Iceland is southern than Rovaniemi (or something-ed) and C.B. members are living in UK now. We are the northest Blackmetal bands in the world. HAIL PINGVINS, all mail (or is it HAIL?. Ed) to ass polar bears, hah, hah (this man has a very funny sort of humor, it reminds me 'bout myself.....Ed)...I hate snow."

Do you have any satanic poems to us?
-"All come and all die!!! Hi LUCIFER'S HAMMER (USA), sorry I am not very noble person. Just poor and ill boy today. Fever?"

Does there exist 9 satanic rules? Do you follow them?
-"You must mean "the nine satanic statements" (Lavey) or what?. I follow most of these."

Last words?
-"Little question to readers of Z.A.S.T. What is this band? (Lyrics.)....."Improvished filth of the crucifer. Black death seeping and stalking the cold gloomy fields...Two centuries of plague to follow...."

Well guys. Are you getting in touch or are you getting in touch? HAH!!!! I killed me! I've just found out that my last braincell just died!!!!!! The answers to Holocaustos question DISEMBOWELMENT, he wrote thhat two lines longer down. I AM A JACKASS, so try to be smarter and write about info on the ep and so on to this finnish address..: SATANIC METAL TEMPLE, Box 2287, 96201 Rovaniemi, Finland.

Inteview done by Håvard Ellefsen.
First published in Z.A.S.T. Mag, issue 2. Date: Many years ago.
Typed in by Magnus Thor Magnusson, 29.05.1996, while listening to Mayhem.

Thrash (Metal Hammer Extra) #1 1992


The fear of a sinister Black Metal planet still seems to be going around... well-disguised behind the general contempt of all bands of this genre. One of the most sinister, evil and supposedly Satanic bands of them all, BEHERIT, comes from Finland. Their debut album "The Oath Of Black Blood" met with disastrous reviews everywhere but still - or maybe because of this - sold remarkably well. In other words a cult band pure and simple. I must admit that I had to re-think my opinion of Beherit after remembering how amusing and exciting I found the early Bathory albums. And they came along in a fashion not unlike Beherit today.

I placed a long-distance call to Finland to talk to Beherit mastermind Marko with his husky, deep and eerie voice about the deepest, darkest secrets of the band which formed in 1989. Communication with this disciple of evil proved a little difficult due to the fact that he doesn't speak the universal language particularly well. That's English to you buddy! But when I tried to explain my reservations about 'The Oath Of Black Blood' he quickly pricked up his ears...

"I hate the album! It's so bad, we never wanted to release it. The songs are from our 'Demonancy' demo and our label Turbo Music just used a regular cassette for the album pressing. Honestly, I never sent them the master tape... We're planning to release a proper LP soon, this time on my own label. The result should be much better."

Marko vehemently denies any claims that Beherit is a Death Metal band, never mind a bunch of Satanists.

"Satanism, well... there are a lot of bands about who think they're terribly Satanic because they play Death Metal and love using inverted crosses. We use some Satanic symbols, but only because they are evil. We're a Black Metal band, our music is dark and evil. When I'm on stage or when we're surrounded by nature miles from anywhere it's like a journey hundreds of years back in time, when people still had to fight to survive. That's how I live today... There are many people who attack us for what we do, but that only makes us stronger."

As his musical influences he quotes the early classics of the genre: Venom, the Death demos, early Slayer and, rather exotically, Brazilian bands like Sarcophago, Volcano and early Sepultura albums. In 1992, Beherit seem almost like an anachronism. Either that, or you'd have to admit that Black Metal is not dead after all but is slowly and painfully raising its head again. The new Darkthrone album 'A Blaze In The Northern Sky' can be seen as an indication: pure Black Metal. So would I be right in saying that classic Black Metal is coming back? The Finnish view on the matter:

"Black Metal was never dead! Unfortunately there's a lot of bands who start playing Death Metal because it happens to be trendy. When we started out there were maybe ten Black Metal bands over here in Finland. Now there are over a hundred who are all trying to sound like Morbid Angel or Obituary... but that's just a passing phase."
So presumably Beherit live are also more than a mere Death Metal band... What's so special about them?


"We try to get across as much of an evil mood as possible... There are always some people who are shocked when we appear on stage with our faces painted black, heavy studs and chains; we confront them with the things they're scared of. At a recent show I drank some blood on stage... It's our aim to put on a show like Venom, maybe even more extreme with lots of pyros and fire effects. We've also got a completely new line-up with four people and a keyboardist - a really extreme band."

All being well we should be able to experience their live act ourselves around June/July. Understandably bands like Beherit have always had problems finding venues for their live gigs. But maybe it will be possible to get a tour with Canadian extreme Satanists Blasphemy, Acheron from Florida and possibly Samael from Switzerland on the road. Beherit are doing their own independent thing, move in their own circles and don't particularly care whether the music world understands or not. For me, everything about a band like Beherit seems almost comic-like; if the pictures I've seen are anything to go by they look like an occult version of GWAR. In other words: completely ridiculous, but on the other hand I find the amusing. And if they turn into a cult band and kids start eating nails while listening to their music it may seem rather odd to me but it's certainly nothing to worry about! Is it?


Article by Robert Müller.
Published in Thrash (Metal Hammer Extra), issue 1/92.

Witchcraft, #2 Nov. 1993

Beherit from Finland are one of the most interesting Black Metal acts coming from this land at the moment "Drawing down the moon" is a real masterpiece for me: Much more interesting and better that this bootleg made by Turbo music (fascists, stay away!), So I'd liked to write to the guy who formed Beherit, Holocausto. He send me the answers after a short time, but he was very sorry because at the moment he's homeless, so he hasn't the time to send me longer answers. It's a real pity, but what can I do? So read and enjoy!

"Drawning down the moon" is your newest release on Spinefarm Records. A better deal? How is the respnse of your new one?
"Yeah, I think it's a cool deal now because I know personally the dudes in Spinefarm. The response has been pretty good."

Why did Turbo Music put your "Oath of the black blood" demo on vinyl? I think it wasn't that good!
"The oath of black blood" was a bootleg, we didn't want it.

Most songs of your new album are slow and much better. Your voice's also much more aggressive I think. Realm Black metal now, and no blacknoise anymore?
I don't know, is it real Black metal but there's a real feeling. I still like Noise but hope it's okay.

You use a keyboard too for intro's and the background music. Do you need such effects?
No, not really. But it was a good atmosphere processor.

I read in an Impaled Nazarene interview that Mika call beherit their "brother band". Do you agree?

Aren't there too much 'zines. Bad 'zines who destroy the whole scene? Do you think the scene need zines?
Too much zine's, but the scene need zines.

I'd like to know (and I think some readers too) what do you think about witchcraft, satanism and other occult stuff!
Very interesting...ODINISM/ASATRU

We can see all day long what we're doing wiith this planet and ourselves. How much time do we need to destroy our earth totally?
One hour and fifteen minutes.

Back to your new album again. Who is Beherit now? Any new members? Who left the band after your "first" LP?
No new members, I'm just alone right now, but I move to Helsinki in a couple of months time and there I know some cool freaks to band.

What is life and death for you?
Life is a party, death is a party.

And a boring question, any plans to release something new next time?
Yeah, a 12" underground release in 1994

What do you think happened after the dead? Do you believe in this "Heaven and Hell" story or is it possible for you to live on earth like a ghost?
Hail!!! Valhalla.

Could you tell me something about Iak Sakkakh?
No, what should I?

What means "The gate of Nanna" or "Nuclear girl"? Is there any message behind such songs?
The gate of Nanna, moon, sin... Necronomicon text. Nuclear Girl - metal ambient, the house of A. Crowley in my mind.

Now let's come to an end! Any last things from you?
Thank you and I want to sent greetings to all my friends in Germany (Yep, thanks also to you for this interview, wich is really short, but I can understand your situation). I have had some problems to do the mail and I am homeless still for two months, all contacts to the new Spinefarm adress.

Spinefarm Records
Arkadiankatu 20b
00100 Helsinki

Interview done by Stefan Lons, the editor of Witchcraft magazine.
First published in Witchcraft, issue II, Nov. '93
Typed in by Magnus Thor Magnusson 21/04/96, while listening to his inner "White Noise".

Carnarium zine #2

Hail to you! Please give me an short introduction of your band BEHERIT.
- We started ’89.

Congratulations to your new LP. Are you satisfied with it?

Whats more important for you, music or lyrics?
-Music, Lyrics suck!

What do you consider as a true satanist? And what is a fake in your opinion?
-Organizations and occultists in LHP. Others are fake.

Which is the best way to die for you?

You’re really dark band, how have we to imagine a live show of you?
-We don’t gig.

What would be your favourite band you’d like to tour with? Which bands have you played with so far?

What was the biggest experience in your live so far?
-When I fucked Jenni 1st time.

Okay, what can we expect of you in the near future?

Any merchandising?
-DDTM LP 13$ cd 18$ ppd from SPINEFARM.

Have you anything to mention or a story you wanna tell the readers?
-                                                         E

Master of Brutality #5, January 1994

And here we have Beherit, one of the first Finnish black metal bands and one of the first Finnish bands who released an LP/CD. Their debut was released on German turbo Music and I have no personal experience with it but it seems to be a big rip-off (like so many). They have a new CD out on Finnish Spinefarm Records and it's a great product. Next interview is made by Unsane. The answers are quite short but there are 18 questions so enough to read.

You have just released your first real CD (I don't count "Oath of Black Blood" as a real CD). Are you satisfied? Are there any parts you would have liked to change?
Yeah, our first album is now finally released. We recorded it about one year ago but I'm still quite satisfied with it. Well, there are some mistakes and some tracks didn't come out as I wanted but that's okay. The overall sound couldn't be better.

What does the title "Drawing Down The Moon" mean?
"Drawing Down The Moon" is a ancient ritual.

Can you explain what the lyrics of each track are about, track by track?
"Intro": The seventh satanic statement (Dr. LaVey). "Solomon's Gate": A trip to Israel's history, solomon's occultism. "Nocturnal Evil": Old song by the lord Diabolus, ritualistic vibrations by the black magic witches somewhere near Acheron, hecate also featured here. "Sodomatic Rites": lyrics included. black metal heathens, pagan sex. "Black Arts": lyrics included. Nothing special, just old black metal spirit. "The Gate of Nanna": lyrics included, based on the texts of Necronomicon, the moon calls us to sin. "Nuclear Girls": no lyrics but the house 418. "Unholy Pagan Fire": so called unholy lifestyle is very holy for some people, dance with the wolves. "Down There...": lyrics included, old black metal spirit. "Summerlands": the land where's eternal summer, after death, medium datum. "Werewolf, Semen And Blood": black metal heathens, very old lyric.-.. blood! "Thou Angel Of The Gods": Angelos ton theon, Crowley influenced lyrics, pagan texts, a black rose beyond the mirror. "Lord Of Shadows & Goldenwood": horned god Bran... based on the texts of pagan rituals.

It seems to me you have quite a good following around the world but you also have a lot of people against you. What do you think of this?
Yes, when we started the band about 4 years ago we new this and so that's okay. Now there are more people against us 'cause of these new rules and all these stupid rumours spread by our Norwegian enemies... but I don't care so much. But that's a bit sad that the black metal underground scene is totally split. A few years ago there were almost no black metal bands.

What do you think of the new black metal bands like The Black, Azhubham Haani, Perdition Hearse, Burzum and Emperor? Also mention some of your fave bands.
I don't listen so much to this new black metal stuff, but there are some cool bands. I listen to old black and death metal bands because they are so fucking severe grinding and original.

Do you think any of the new black metal bands will ever get the same feeling as the old black metal bands like Venom, Poison, Bathory?
No, if they're working in this way, the way they're working what they at this moment try to do... it's a bit cosmic-like... but I hope some of them would create something cool.

What do you think of the stuff which is going on in Norway like the arrest of Count Grishnackh etc.?
Well, it's up to them how to work but I just can't understand those guys overthere. Such a scene is only in Norway and then just some underaged kids who try to follow these "rules" of black metal even they don't understand it. But as I said they can continue if they want if they don't cause more problems upon me. They have their own business there and I have mine hear. I really hope they start to think now.

There are a lot of satanic organizations these days. Can you mention some organizations you know and what do you think of such organizations?
I know many organizations in satanism, paganism. If somebody is interested to know more or is ready to join an organization or temple, he should write them. Order Of The Left Hand Path do good news and they are ready to give more information and neutral opinions. This anti LaVey movement is nothing but childish.

What is your philosophy on life?

You hear a lot of opinions on what/who Satan is. What do you think about it?
Every man and every woman is a star. Satan is like a superman. That's what you try to be... to be yourself.

Do you agree with the opinion that a band can't be serious and must be trendy when the band uses primitive Satan worshiping lyrics?
Black metal lyrics are very primitive. But those are just lyrics... blasphemy and sick jokes but sometimes also pure reality.

What do you think of war?
Well, I'm not any militarist but also war has positive things. But personally, I'd rather live in peace 'cause I'm a party maniac.

And what about diseases like aids and cancer?
Those suck! Aids confines my hobby (???what???) and yeah, cancer no rule but still no limits party!

I have seen quite some porno movies like animal sex, shit sex, piss sex, sm, child porno and normal porno. What do you think of such movies?
Myself i enjoy piss sex and sm and xxx rated porno. And about the movies, they are cool. But child porno is something I don't accept. But ofcourse that's okay if some 13 year old pussy come to spread her pink cunt and ask me to suck her juices out, no problem. (interesting???)

What is your favorite way to fuck?
Too hard to explain it, sorry, xxx.

What do you think of homosexuality?
I personally totally dislike the wimpy assholes that homosexuals usually are, but I also think that the way Apator and Mika (Impaled Nazarene) see it have some good points.

Do you have any future plans?
Nothing special... just some shizoid sounds.

I shall leave you here. I hope you enjoyed answering your XXth interview. Your last words...
Thank you very much Unsane. See you all guys in december.

Sue zine 2000

Beherit is a name that keeps popping up every now and then, although the band broke up several years ago. Beherit’s demos and other recordings are still under popular demand, but since they are no longer available, Spinefarm decided to let the beast run free once more, as a best of-collection. After years of silence, the mastermind of Beherit, Nuclear Holocausto Of Bloody Vengeance (better known as Holocausto) was kind enough to give one last interview for Sue Magazine.

Where did you get the idea to publish the "Beast of Beherit -Complete Worxxx"- collection?
-Spinefarm wanted to release an official Beherit-collection as a response to all those crappy bootleg-Beherit recordings..

Does this compilation really include all the best Beherit-songs?
-Let’s say that it contains some of the best songs. It was more important for us to create an entity that pleases the ear.

Do you think that maybe Beherit entered the realm of black metal too early, since black metal started to sell only after Beherit had broken up? And what do you think about today’s hugely successful black metal-albums?
-We didn’t care whether our music would sell or not. Beherit was our "underground hobby". We listened to Brasilian bands, traded demos and tapes with people from Singapore, Malaysia, all over the world. There were days I did nothing but gave interviews, exchanged letters. At the time, when the only truly successful black metal band was Venom, no-one thought that black metal could become huge, sell millions of records.

Let’s go back to the times when Beherit’s name started to echo through the forests and plains of Finland. What’s your opinion on the 1990 Beherit demos ("Seventh Blasphemy", "Demonomancy" and "Dawn of Satan’s Millennium") today?
-Well, those recordings are all quite "raw", recorded live, cheaply reproduced. The heavier Beherit first appeared in 1991 in the form of "Diabolus". That was when the duo from Rovaniemi (Holocausto plus the drummer known as The Last Slaughter) traveled to Kemi’s Necro-Tico studios.

The compilation also includes the material originally released under the "Diabolus"-name, the "Down There…"-sessions.
-Yes. Turbo Music, which was our record company at the time, sent us 100 $ for the recording of our second album. As you might already know, they copied the first album ("The Oath of Black Blood", which includes the "Demonomancy"-demo and the "Dawn of Satan’s Millennium"-single) from a demotape without our permission. We thought it would be safer to release material under a different name.

Three songs on the compilation have been taken from those non-black metal albums "H418ov21.c" and "Electric Doom Synthesis". Was the idea the same behind these albums as it was on "Drawing Down the Moon" since you kept the name "Beherit" while the music went through some radical changes?
-"H418.." was supposed to be a special teaser-release before the release of a new band-Beherit album. I just never managed to get the band together again.

Since you’re still making music, I must try and look behind the curtain. How does the new album of Suuri Shamaani, "Mysteerien Maailma" ("The World of Mysteries", spi84cd), differ from those two Beherit recordings, "H418.." and "Electric Doom Synthesis"?
-Suuri Shamaani makes ambientmeta-music. It uses information about metaphysics and the human brain’s areas of operation as its sources.

Who chose the two live songs ("Black Arts" and "Werewolf, Semen & Blood") for the "Beast of Beherit"? And why were these songs taken from that specific live performance (Riihimäki 21.8.1992)? Was that the last live-appearance of Beherit?
-Yes that was Beherit’s last performance. We played together with Kimmo Luttinen, (ex-)Impaled Nazarene, who was Beherit’s drummer at the time.

Is it possible for Beherit to make a comeback now that Holocausto has re-appeared in the form of Suuri Shamaani?
-No. Absolutely and positively not.

That’s all about that then. We shall never again see Beherit on stage. Let’s just cherish our memories of those unique performances of the past. Unique because there was always something happening. What do you think about your gigs, which usually included a lot of blood, and once even the slaughtering of a pig’s head (luckily the pig was dead already when brought to the stage)?
-I don’t recall a single sober performance. Our motto was "drink till you barf blood".

I myself have a small collection of Beherit-tapes. There are quite a lot of tapes including a song called "Six Days With…" Those six days have apparently been spent with all sorts of people and personifications. Who are all those people (the first appearence of the song was under the name "Six Days With Sadistic Slayer", on the compilation it is called "Six Days With Lord Diabolus"…)?
-You’re probably the first person to notice that.

This interview is nearing its end, so I must try to reach to the very heart of Beherit. What is/was most characteristic of Beherit?

-To be the first black metal band of Finland. And that Beherit truly was. So let us let Beherit rest in peace.

Interview stolen from indie/rock/punk/metalzine, used without permission! 2000! January 2009

Beherit logo the Syriac language provided the greatest historical conduit for Christianity, and early Christians knew its words as literal symbols from the world beyond. Beherit was its name for the god of evil, sometimes called Satan. Fast forward two thousand years and occult-literate Finns made this ancient word a conduit for a new form of aural evil, a simultaneously deconstructive and reconstructive ambient aura of apocalypse and a literal, fearful reality hiding beneath the neurotic cloak of our modern society. We were fortunate to be able to speak to Nuclear Holocausto about his motivations, the nature of music, and the forthcoming 2009 Beherit album.

For a musician in this time who has understood his own experience, what are the most important aspects of art? (Or is it even possible to create a universal list?)

It's a bio harmonic resonance, but BEHERIT is back to destroy art. I had very intensive two months, by writing new songs and re-creating the spirit of the BEHERIT sound. I think it turned out to be quite okay, kind of a mixture of all previous releases. It's yet to be mastered and is missing booklet artwork... but hopefully will be released in the second quarter of 2009 by Spinefarm Records. I don't have plans to reveal any detailed information regarding the coming album, its style or maneuvers behind the concept before the release.

You've just created a new BEHERIT album. Did you design it to be like previous BEHERIT albums, a continuation of an idea, or something new entirely?

*NHV - Yes, the album is called ENGRAM. It's a time warp to THE LORD DIABOLUS continuum.

How did you record the new album? Did you write all of it, and then meet collaborators to get it on tape?

*NHV - I wrote and composed the album by myself. I recorded a demo version in my home studio with tablatures and a few written notes about what kind of spirit I was looking for in that song. Then we went to the rehearsal room and for the next week I made some small changes in song structure that made it easier and more natural to play live. Rehearsal period was about three months. We had 60 minutes of raw material when entering the studio. Couple of tracks we didn't have time to finish.

Outside of music, how are you exploring the concepts which motivated you to create BEHERIT?

*NHV - I recently bought a new video camera and have found this hobby very compelling, the use of sound and visuals to create deep atmospheres/altered states.

Why do you usually work and release things in the phases of the moon, or is it something you cannot control?

*NHV - I like to plan my projects in the phases of the moon. For me, there is a natural difference between the things you process on waxing or waning gibbous. Especially on nights of the full moon, it's good to pay extra attention on your karma.

With Suuri Shamaani, you are playing with raw sound, but the question becomes not your tools (raw sound, or scales) but the organization of that sound to express some difference of outlook achieved through experience. How do you organize this sound, and how does this process compare to that of writing metal?

*NHV - I am very fascinated by the potential to experience some ueber-crossover between genres like black metal, dubstep, doom metal and ambient. There's some artists who have successfully melded electronic music to rock, but I think most of their audience is still very average type of people (whom see the music more like entertainment or a consumer product of show business). Perhaps the biggest challenge is in a composition. For a basic metal head, it could be pretty challenging to listen (much less to write) non-standard music, I mean something outside of popular radio song structure (verse/chorus/bridge...)

What degree of familiarity with music theory do you have, and has this changed since "Drawing Down the Moon"?

*NHV - I know only very little of music in theory. Maybe I have learned to tune my guitar faster, but not much else. In BEHERIT, we keep things primitive.

When you write songs, do you start with a (visual, musical, lyrical) concept for the whole song, or do you save up riff ideas and fit them together?

*NHV - After the initial idea, I have a riff and couple of variations. Then some words that stimulate my mind to visualize the atmosphere. Later some variation in tempo, bassline and rhythm. The last part is to rewrite some lyrical content. This may vary a lot depending on the project.

Do humans live through experience?

*NHV - Living entities look for happiness, and to avoid suffering. This is true not only for humans, but animals as well. I think this is the very basic principle. Animals have a hard enough time getting their food and avoiding getting killed, but humans seek their happiness from materialism or very temporary states of happiness, like sex, drugs or love...

I teach you the overman. Man is something that shall be overcome. What have you done to overcome him?
All beings so far have created something beyond themselves; and do you want to be the ebb of this great flood and even go back to the beasts rather than overcome man? What is the ape to man? A laughingstock or a painful embarrassment. And man shall be just that for the overman: a laughingstock or a painful embarrassment. You have made your way from worm to man, and much in you is still worm. Once you were apes, and even now, too, man is more ape than any ape.

Whoever is the wisest among you is also a mere conflict and cross between plant and ghost. But do I bid you become ghosts or plants?

Behold, I teach you the overman! The overman is the meaning of the earth. Let your will say: the overman shall be the meaning of the earth! I beseech you, my brothers, remain faithful to the earth, and do not believe those who speak to you of otherworldly hopes! Poison-mixers are they, whether they know it or not. Despises of life are they, decaying and poisoned themselves, of whom the earth is weary: so let them go!
- Friedrich W. Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra (1885)

Do you compose on keyboard, guitar or in your head?

*NHV - New BEHERIT songs emerge and are developed in my head. That material I try to save as quickly as possible by guitar or keys to a recorder. A year ago I invested to Ableton Live software. It did help a lot in my productivity. For a musician like me, there's a big difference with Ableton compared to older, a linear time scale based sequencer.

Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance as he is known on Drawing Down the Moon, you achieved a unique dark and bassy sound which was not in favor in black metal at the time. How was this done? Did you replicate it on the new album?

*NHV - Back in 1993, recording studios were still mostly analog. The guitar sound was as simple as Boss Heavy Metal guitar distortion pedal through an old Marshall bass amplifier and cabinet. I don't remember what microphones were used, but everything was done in a few days. No time to remake or mix, thus the raw sound. The studio is still up and running. Very professional people there. The home of Tarot.

We didn't want to reproduce the sound of Drawing Down the Moon, but as always try look for new soundspheres.

How was the early blackmetal scene different from how people perceive it now, and what were some challenges you faced as one of the few early blackmetal bands?

*NHV - People used to describe our bands, like "some satanic stuff", but today Black Metal has become a well known symbol for the majority, mostly because of the Internet. Most of these younger fans have pretty twisted image of the scene of old days. People didn't like black metal at all, everything was so small, you kind of know all the music makers in the scene (via flyers in tape trading scene, + fanzines) Most of the people fucking hated us BEHERIT, IMPALED NAZARENE... Drawing Down The Moon was self-funded by me and I had to sell my car, became homeless, and everything I had was that master tape and no label interested to release it, before Spinefarm. I am still thankful to 'em, because of the advance royalty.

Do you think that given the same stimulus, two logical beings will have similar responses?

*NHV - The response to given stimulus is much about the previous experience to similar contact in sense.

And if this is so, does it not mean that anyone who encounters a similar experience to someone else, has the same forces interacting on them? That if we have one stood out in the rain, we can all know what it is like? Maybe this shows how experience and intuition can exist on the same level. Experience is also important, because it enables us to store memories as symbols, and then trade on those symbols in law, art and conversation.

Like those others have never experienced of getting wet in the rain? They would still feel the same as the one who's in the rain? Then there should be a sense contact within this tribe that can somehow communicate lower/higher states. I know this is possible, but very rare in normal conditions... we cannot "release the self" that easily, because of our fear (of dying).

What are your influences, and are these shared among band members, and if not wholly, what other influences do they have? Other metal musicians have mentioned Kraftwerk, for example; were there metal and ambient works that influenced you more than anything else? Any classical or folk music?

*NHV - We all four are big fans of BLASPHEMY, BLACK WITCHERY, IMPIETY, MANTICORE and other fast stuff. Sodomatic plays drums in punk bands and listens to industrial music. He's a vinyl collector. Abyss, the bassist is very much into Viking stuff, like BATHORY and FALKENBACH. He has also his own projects, more technical style, like he could have more riffs per song than BEHERIT on entire album. Serpent is working on Spikefarm and listens mostly to rehearsal and demo material from unsigned bands. THE LORD DIABOLUS was the biggest influence on this new album.

Is our fear of "evil" hardwired? For example, humans seem to fear snakes without having ever seen one, suggesting that fear of snakes is wired into our genetic code.

*NHV - The fear of reptiles might be encoded in DNA -- I don't know. But when a man walks in the dark woods, fear of the unknown makes a wooden stick or a rope to appear like an image of dangerous snake. That's why we should not trust our senses.

Is it possible then that some experiences are defined by the similarity of contact, and are inherent (in the sense of "emergent") to the design of the universe itself?

*NHV - I do understand the logic in fractality of universe, like many universes in smaller scales. The most of the cultures of our civilization is based on wrong believes of gods and myths. We simply have wrong views of life. The problem is that only very few people have seen the truth, the nature of time existence. Parents put their kids to school to teach 'em reading and mathematics, but too often they think it's enough to make those kids to survive in a modern world.

We have built our cultures to praise the bold and the beautiful; the weak and ugly easily drops out from the so-called "easy life" because of the competition (evolution). I don't care much about this, because it's somehow universal, "natural evolution." But this system leads to very problematic scenarios in the world we have built, because the weaker get many and they can get temporarily very strong by modern weapons.

From that comes "terrorism" and "the police state." And all this mostly happens because society is from the very beginning based on incorrect views. Ouch, I am getting to off topic now...Yes, the nature of the world of the senses is polycausal, indeed.

Human ability, even really stupid humans, to retain music has always seemed magical to me, as if it had some inherent function in the universe. What do you think it is that humans unconsciously perceive?

*NHV - The resonance.

Heavy metal seems to share many values with Romantic art and literature from two centuries ago, right before Nietzsche began writing: reverence for nature, belief in a transcendental but not dualistic life, independence from humanist morality, desire to create the beautiful and eternal, searching for truth with the self as the lens but not the focus. Do you feel any of these in your own creation?

*NHV - I have an artistic desire, but haven't thought much of connection to Romanticism. I think most of my creations are born in some sort abstract space with no human wrong or right. I don't have a personal manifesto or any political interest in my music, but this does not necessarily mean that our songs are utter headlessness. I always try to be very mindful in a work I am doing. Even with BEHERIT.

After the initial BEHERIT surge, did you continue liking metal music?

*NHV - I end up liking new fake bands that turn out to be nothing but boring. I did not stop listening to metal music entirely, but I found more interesting and deeper aspects of art in noise and electronic music.

"Behold this gateway, dwarf!" I continued. "It has two faces. Two paths meet here; no one has yet followed either to its end. This long lane stretches back for an eternity. And the long lane out there, that is another eternity. They contradict each other, these paths; they offend each other face to face; and it is here at this gateway that they come together. The name of the gateway is inscribed above: 'Moment.' But whoever would follow one of them on and on, farther and farther – do you believe, dwarf, that these paths contradict each other eternally?"

"All that is straight lies," the dwarf murmured contemptuously. "All truth is crooked; time itself is a circle."
- Friedrich W. Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra (1885)

Have you ever considered writing a symphony (or: quartet, trio, sonata, et al)?

*NHV - Yes, but I have yet to find people and a unique concept worth to start such a big project. Especially interested in video, together with musical performance on the front of live audience.

Ambient is a broad category; dubstep is more limited. How would you combine black metal's cadenced rhythm with the jauntier, syncopated-expectation structures of dubstep?
*NHV - On various layers of soundscape. I think there will come such a crossover projects in this near future. It may not please the old school metal purist, but the next generation of audience who search for an aural experience rather than a general idol worship of rock band.

"Electric Doom Synthesis" was black metal thematics in violent EBM, with metal song structures. How do you envision a future fusion between metal and ambient music?

*NHV - I didn't have much knowledge of making electronic music at the time of recording Electric Doom Synthesis. I composed it on the very simple sequencer of E-Mu Emax II sampler. Of course if I had to do it again now I would do some parts in a different way, but the album has a lock on time and atmosphere that I was living that time. After that my interest moved towards the other edge of music, experimental sounds, drone and minimalism, thus the release of Suuri Shamaani which were recorded without any real instruments, most of the sounds sampled from radio frequencies.

I used to listen to hours and hours of simple waveforms on evolving space, not so called music at all, more like mathematics and experience of altered states. Calculating planetary system and trying to put these parameters to sounds. I even did some gigs playing those test frequencies to large audiences, but quite soon I found myself playing on the front of max. twenty people. Soon I was kicked out from every chill out room because people complained my stuff was more like brain fuck than any chill out. I think they were right, I went way too far with that shit.

Nowadays I try to keep these things more in a balance. I am interested for some thing like a band playing metal music with no riffs or metal song structure, but it's not easy with people who lack experience of the dub of deep house, AND who also understand The Black Metal aesthetics. I'm not sure of this last word in English, but I mean understanding what is "cool" and what is not. The last one is where 99.9% of those demos fail that are otherwise potential to make a major success. Quite likely that it will happen in the industrial music scene, but it's still yet to come?

What distinguishes great music from bad? Can it be distilled into technique, or is it something less easily defined?

*NHV - I think it's not about technique or a lack of it. For me, it's about originality and functionality.

Do you think that those who have similar values, and express them to similar degrees, will find similar voices in music?

*NHV - Okay, this sounds very likely. But due the polycausal nature of life, there's always some variation in detail... I couldn't make any final conclusion. I even went through the conditional nature of sounds, acoustic waves that are frequencies like all the other objects in the universe. The sound object itself has no clear "soul," but it's fascinating to think of a scenario where the creator (composer) has a causal relation to soundwork put in a distribution, and that the listener receive the given mental sight by this kind of energy transformation, as they both (artist + listener) have same focus point... Something like used on those shamanistic journeys or people told to get a trance-like state on live concerts.

Emotion in music shares one thing with words: it is a language,and when the words have meaning, they create feeling. There is no feeling to the sound itself. It is twelve symbols in three octaves. But it has an inherent symbolism which makes our nerves twitch, like words resemble our thoughts and video, our dreams. From what comes the "meaning" in music?

*NHV - Mental objects. I was hoping to put this in action on the upcoming BEHERIT album, but it turned to be a way more complex than I first thought. I decided to make an another project for this one, conveying extrasensory perception (ESP) through the sound itself. Coil had this album Time Machine in the early nineties, one of my favorites, that included a pack of cards/ESP stickers...And I had an idea to transfer these mental symbols for listener, but in the studio I found we were running out of time, and that it would work better with more minimalistic material. Well, it's good to have some ideas + concepts for future projects.

Are there symbols which do not convey experience, but things inherent to the cosmos or wired into our consciousness (intuition)?

*NHV - Yes and no. Somehow it would be disappointing if humankind doesn't have a single symbol beyond this life experience, destiny. Even, this symbol of destiny that he created by himself in a past, it is yet to be experienced, in the cosmos? I know the meditators use techniques to visualize the symbol to guide the soul entity on bardo1 states.

Most people are born in ignorance, but it is said the arahant2 ones are able to recall past life experiences. The maya3 of self is generated in microseconds and is stuck in time, when the other end of the string in the cosmos, is in the dimension with no linear time scale. Therefore it's logical to have symbolism without one's own experience, but the watcher has to be on the same resonance in space where the manifestation of certain symbol is created.

The world hasn't changed, nor in the bigger picture, has human life since we were cavemen. Does this mean that our old symbols are accurate, but their meaning unknown, or that we need new symbols? Can the association of a symbol change over time?

*NHV - We have been drowned into abuse of symbols in logos and trademarks of modern time. The Swastika is a good example of how differently people may feel when seeing it. In older cultures it's still a holy and very respected symbol painted in important buildings, but in Europe it's a bit different case. I think the way of life has change quite alot in the last century. You don't need skills to hunt or make fire, survive in the woods. Now it's about being a beauty and famous. Anyway, the very basic principles of life are still the same, thus humankind would need no new symbols.

With forest branches and the trodden weed; Thou, silent form, dost tease us out of thought As doth eternity: Cold Pastoral!
When old age shall this generation waste, Thou shalt remain, in midst of other woe than ours, a friend to man, to whom thou say'st, Beauty is truth, truth beauty," - that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.
- John Keats, Ode on a Grecian Urn (1819)

If sound is like paint, and we use different techniques and portray different things in our paintings, what does it say when a genre sounds similar and has similar topic matter and imagery? Can the genre be said to have a philosophy or culture of its own?

*NHV - Yes, perhaps we could call the true black metal movement a subculture, because of its extremity in narrowness. If you go deeper with other genres you will find they have quite similar group policies, but black metal has developed it very strictly and merciless, elitism? Happily I am already old enough that I don't care to belong to any groups. But for new bands, I can see how it would be serious business. How true they can be, and for how long? Is evilness restricted only to their internet communication or also to other depths?

Some suggest there is a God outside of this world, and others suggest, in response, that there is no God. If music moves like nerve impulses, and music is inherent to the universe, is it possible the universe itself has a consciousness?

*NHV - The universe may therefore need an other parallel universe? I think everything is possible, but not necessary.

A friend I respect greatly referred to black metal as possibly the only viable artistic movement of our generation (births 1970-1978). My question would be: what was the fundamental artistic statement of black metal? For example, the Romantics wanted to create a type of existentialism that aimed for an aesthetic and not moral goal, so that it did not fall into either individualism or collectivism, but stayed focused on the beautiful as a way of summarizing multiple aspects and avoiding falling into linear thinking. Is there such a statement for black metal?

*NHV - Not so long time ago, I wrote to internet forum that black metal is antichristian, but some fellows denied it totally and went to politics, racism and other weird NSBM topics that had nothing to do with black metal of old days. Nowadays everything seem to be much more complicated when kids are seeding their own beliefs and opinions to the scene, even if they are not music makers themselves. We (BEHERIT) wanted to create the most severe and bizarre sound dealing with the dark side of occultism. That's still one of my main points when writing a new song, but I don't mind if they label it black metal or not.

Do you think a genre of unpopular "popular music" like death metal and/or black metal can be a form of art? What distinguishes art from entertainment, and if they overlap, is there a difference in goals between the two?

*NHV - Yes, at least in opinion of real music lovers, but artists of today live in poverty and are likely to die in poverty. Entertainers try to maximize money making in every way. It's very rare to see any art happen in entertainment business.

There seems to be a relatively stable, cyclic effect of black/death/speed metal bands breaking up and then reforming for new material approximately 10 years later. What is the cause of this?

*NHV - It's the great wheel of artistry. Girls have their periods, sun has its spots, Chinese astrology is a cycle of twelve. Artists have been cursed by the desire of creation.

Is there necessarily a disconnect between how metal viewed things in 1992 and today?

*NHV - No.

BEHERIT's dooming sound reminds me of how William Gibson spoke of his post-apocalyptic Neuromancer: it is a horrible world, but you can see yourself wanting to live there, if for nothing else to finish the fight you see characters embarking on. Does this fit in your worldview?

*NHV - I like William Gibson.

Some argue that love is "sui generis," or an invention of itself that justifies itself and has no precursor. Others tie love to some form of God and claim he/she/it metes out love where appropriate. Some slightly cynical people see love as a biochemical reaction and nothing more.Still others (cynics) see love as something one can only have for life itself, and as being more of a thought process that unites the irrational (emotions) with rational (thoughts) to give a balanced view of the unquantifiable, and that one has love for life and in it, love for people and places and things. Since the symbol of love is worn out by years of popular music, does it have any meaning now, or must each artist define love before speaking of it, or risk becoming an elaborately removed Britney Spears?

*NHV - Love is a very powerful state for beings in these sense worlds. For sure it has moments in lucid oneness, beyond time, like loving kindness (metta)4 is a good technique for entities looking for happier abodes. But "love and loving of lovers" represented in popular culture is a broad highway to misery and sadness, endless craving in the wheel of Samsara5. Loving life is not a right way. My advice is to see the conditional structure of love. Go and see the mutilated, dead bodies. Go and get a part time job in a local hospital or at coroner's office.

Mankind does not represent a development of the better of the stronger in the way that it is believed today. 'Progress' is merely a modern idea, that is to say a false idea. The European of today is of far less value than the European of the Renaissance; onward development is not by any means, by any necessity the same thing as elevation, advance, strengthening.

In another sense there are cases of individual success constantly appearing in the most various parts of the earth and fro the most various cultures in which a high type does manifest itself: something which in relation to collective mankind is a sort of superman. Such chance occurrences of great success have always been possible and perhaps always will be possible. - Friedrich Nietzsche, The Anti-Christ (1895)

Do you separate intent/goal from method, in that a goal can be good and methods "evil," and how does that influence your view of good and evil?

*NHV - Things we intentionally do (with a will), speak or think are wholesome or unwholesome in causal perspective of self. I am very trustworthy and generous man in my friendhood. I would not recommend strangers to come with me, if they are not pure in their hearts.

Environmentalists argue for preserving the earth, but many black metal musicians argue for its destruction. Yet earth permits consciousness, and enjoyment of among other things, black metal. Is the statement "blow up the world, I don't care" a symbol or a real wish?

*NHV - It's a perfect time to enlighten oneself. It's crazy that still, only very few people ask real questions in meaning of their existence. There's a fucking internet where one can research the occult, but they rather go see funny movie clips? I would not hesitate a second to detonate this planet to pieces6. Things are already pretty fucked up, but it's just a beginning of the end times. There has to become more disease and virus, that force 'em to take their precious time much more seriously.

Metal music could be construed as a duality, one side being that which attracts a big audience like Def Leppard and the other side being crypto-art like early Gorgoroth which is "outsider art," or that which does not base its arguments on the idea that our society as it stands now is doing OK. Outsider art however does not tend to be "protest art," which issues a negative political statement on aspects of society. Def Leppard and others however can be seen as making negative statements through escapism. Does this duality hold metal back?
*NHV - A good point. I was thinking about other rock genres, like punk, but there even the smallest underground bands usually have a political manifesto. What about electronic music? Underground techno acts hardly never have a message, but the bigger they get the lyrics become to statements of better world. Actually I don't know much about normal music they play on the radio. Hmm...

The eye with which I see God is the same with which God sees me. My eye and God's eye is one eye, and one sight, and one knowledge, and one love.
-- Johannes Eckhart, Sermon IV

Richard Wagner both turned classical music toward ancient themes and, by using leitmotifs7 that resembled more the way plays and later, radio,would work, liberalized it and laid the foundation for the movie music that would later inspire Black Sabbath. Is this some type of universal balance where each thing contains its opposites, or was his intent even more cryptic than that, in that he knew what would result and wanted to hurry it up?

*NHV - Usually, it's enough that the man intends to create something original.

Is art a celebration of life, a social guardian, or a celebration of the artist?

Some artists may think art is a sickness. Are they reborn entertainers?

Schizophrenia, or having a divided mind, is seen by many as being the major psychological disease of the modern time. Is there a way to benefit from the perspective of schizophrenia?

*NHV - I am not sure of a benefit; it probably depends on the person and the social network around them? This is an area which should be studied: two steps beyond nibbana8, in hallucination of self existence. We are all doomed!

Have you had contact with the underground music of any parts of the world other than Finland?

*NHV - I have spent a lot of time in South-East Asia. I see young people are in general pretty much same, but for example their lack of (Western) music culture, their understanding in extreme music usually fall down to those major bands shown on MTV. But then on the other hand, there's real underground vibes, especially in punk scene, f.ex. Bangkok Alcohol and those young punks are well aware of their original roots. The Black Metal scene is much smaller, but I know the guys from Surrender Of Divinity, and they are cool. There's no much need to antichristian movement here. Hahaha!
Early BEHERIT rehearsal photo

Can you describe some of the early influences on the band that might not be obvious? Specifically, where do BLASPHEMY, HOLOCAUSTO and SARCOFAGO fit in?

*NHV - In the very beginning, under the name of PSEUDOCHRIST, we rehearsed with cover songs from bands like DEATH, SODOM and SLAYER. Later that summer of 1989, I started to trade vinyls from Brazil and Cogumelo Records. Those bands were so primitive and brutal in a style of music we didn't know existed. They had this unique sound of underground metal.

We changed our name to BEHERIT, started to paint our faces and radically simplify our songs and playing technique. No more pussycat rock mentality with dreams of large audience or positive feedback, and understanding from society.

I remember the day we got BLASPHEMY Blood Upon The Altar cassette in postal package. We kept listening that tape over and over again on our rehearsal room. We all three came to the conclusion that it was the most fucking severe black metal ever made, and it's still true after 20 years. We recorded our second demo to honor these Canadian godz of brutality. Three months later we went to the studio for Dawn Of Satan's Millennium, which had a bit more of our own sound. SARCOFAGO and BLASPHEMY, together with BATHORY have been the greatest influences in the history of BEHERIT. No doubt.

When did you start playing guitar, and was it your first instrument?

*NHV - Electric guitar was my first instrument. I was 13 years old.

Did you listen to any of these: Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Einsturezende Neubauten, Autechre, Biosphere. Did they influence you?

*NHV - Sure. I did produce an ambient radio station for five years, so I have a quite nice ambient music collection. Kraftwerk and Autechre I have seen playing live and they were cool. About influences, not much on this new album.

The feel of "Drawing Down the Moon" is one of ritual; the atmosphere commands a hypnotic ambience, and the entire creation, down to minor details of the presentation, is meticulously interconnected. How did you achieve such a vision, one that seemingly has not been mimicked since?

*NHV - That winter I listened often to the discography of BATHORY, and read books on Odinism and Asatru. We held pagan rituals. I hardly had any contact to normal society. In the door of my apartment, it read on big letters: EMBASSY OF EVIL.

Individualism: The basis of its error is to mistake the notion of the person with that of the individual and to claim for the latter, unconditionally and according to egalitarian premises, some values that should rather be attributed solely to the former, and then only conditionally. Because of this transposition, these values are transformed into errors, or into something absurd and harmful. - Julias Evola, Men Among the Ruins (1953)

Can you please summarize the history of GOAT VULVA and the ways which it was relevant to BEHERIT?

*NHV - Hahaha! Goat Vulva was only a booze project. I recorded those demos on normal C-cassette recorder by putting a piece of tape over the eraser head. I don't remember how many so-called demos were released, but they came in very limited quantities, perhaps 10 or 20 copies of each. Messe Des Morts was recorded in same studios where Erotic Worship was, but otherwise, it was very much a project of its own.

Is it important that metal be considered as "serious" (in any sense) by the outside world?

*NHV - I don't mind outsiders. I see them in busses and walking on the city streets, but I never talk to 'em nor do they come talk to me, and even more rarely do we discuss music.

If you are in a metal band, that nobody -- of the people who you think should -- takes seriously, there's something wrong with your music, image or both. Make the difference, make the art happen. I don't mean to murder or burn the church, but use your imagination and live in it. The mind is the strongest weapon.

Are you in Thailand permanently?

*NHV - I am on a long journey. Now in Thailand, but leaving next week down to Malaysia and then to Oceania. At first, I will meet the people from PORTAL in Brisbane. They have a new project called OLDE GUARDE. Nomad life, traveling with a notebook + ultramobile music studio.

How do the lunar and solar tendencies manifest themselves in your life and art?

*NHV - I try my best to arrange all our contracts and release dates on lunar dates, not to forget numerology and other aspects of magic. I have done that for years. Life would be boring without little of superstition.

Interview courtesy of
First published 27.01.09

Terrorizer 13.03.2009
Fri, 03/13/2009 - 17:21 THE RETURN OF BEHERIT– Six Minutes With Lord Diabolus

“After I left the tape trading scene and quit my job at Spinefarm record store, I moved to live in caves. They didn't have Myspace there.”

When the rumours of Beherit’s return hit the internet and the Terrorizer office back before Christmas obviously I couldn’t help but get excited. The legend of Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance AKA Marko Laiho goes far beyond his already exceptional contribution to black metal’s history. As a leading innovator Laiho was instrumental in paving the way for BM’s prolific second wave by pushing the boundaries of the genre way back at the start of the ‘90s, preceding both Emperor and Immortal but also by continuing to evolve and experiment with his art through more electronic albums later in his career. Packing up his tools in 1996 Beherit were left to become the stuff of legend – the tales have been told; everyone knows about ‘Fuck Beherit’, the anti-Beherit band from Norway, everyone thinks they know about the war of words between the Finland and Norway scenes and ‘those prank calls’, everyone’s heard that Marko went off to become a respected electronic music producer and DJ but no one expected a reunion.
Least of all me, it took some serious digging and I must admit, annoying of Spinefarm’s Sami Tenetz (joining Marko on guitar here under the wonderful monicker Ancient Corpse Desekrator) for gossip. I was told to be patient. I hate being patient. But it’s worth it, as we got to have an exclusive short, but sweet Q&A with the man, the legend as he’s about to release a brand new album (harking back to the ‘Down There…’ days no less!) on Spinefarm.

The internet rumour mill has been going into overdrive at the mere murmur of your comeback. How did you feel that so many people seemed to want Beherit to return?

*NHV- “I saw it as a logical reaction by them, when to hear news like this. No reason to get amused.”

What made you want to come back and write a new album? You did once tell Sue Magazine that there would be 'absolutely and positively' NO reunion.

*NHV- “Hell, why not; [that] interview was done ten years ago. Last winter, I wrote a song ‘Demon Advance’, which has the spirit to make this comeback reality.”

And more importantly, why traditional black metal? Or is it? Will there be a little nuance of your later electronic experimentation in the new album?

*NHV- “Well, I would not call ‘Engram’ traditional, even it shares a vision with Hellhammer and Bathory. There's some samples used on album, but not much. It's a band recording.”
Beherit has been kept alive through the dedication of various fansites, are you grateful for their obsession?

*NHV- “Sure, thanks to Beherit Worship, The Seventh Blasphemy, Dark Legions Archives and all the other true ones of Internet. Hail Sathanas!”

I'm a bit scared to say the Norway word actually, but you know I'm going to ask. How's your relationship with your neighbours these days. Do you still have Samoth on speed dial?

*NHV- “Well, you mean that story of Holocausto making a prank phone calls to Thomas or Mika? I can tell you it's rubbish! This false rumour was made up and spread by Mikko Mattila and Janne Sarna from Isten Magazine, Yellow press.”

While away from the scene were you keeping an eye on what was going on, or did you shut yourself off from it completely?

*NHV- “After I left the tape trading scene and quit my job at Spinefarm record store, I moved to live in caves. They didn't have Myspace there.”

Were you aware of the growing popularity of Finnish metal? You were almost like a sole warrior in the early 90's, not many other Finnish metal bands had the opportunity to become known outside their own scene, and now you can't avoid Finland's grasp of the international metal world. How do you feel about this? Especially from the point of being an underground band, coming back are you willing you accept the mainstream acceptance of Finnish extreme metal?

*NHV- “So, the metal world today is business and marketing. You ask my opinion of commercialism, please? Okay, I think that fucking trend has no or only very little effect for band like Beherit. Mainstream acceptance, it's insane!”
We can't escape the fact that you became quite prolific in the dance music scene. Could you explain how you spent your 'black metal hiatus' keeping creative and producing music?

*NHV- “Yes, I do deal some records in electronic music, but would not call that as a dance music (as understood by retards). I have always worked with alternate music genres, ideas and concepts of art. Fuck those cultural mainstreams.”

Toward the end of the Beherit career you became a solo act and put out two experimental, well-regarded ambient albums. Were you happier playing this style already by 1994?

*NHV- “Beherit went solo because I couldn't find real like-minded people. Beherit is not restricted to any musical style. Beherit is not here to entertain people.”
A lot has changed in fact, in terms of music production and distribution. You were always on the cutting edge of production through your electronic music but do you think the new social networking/download/P2P/forum network of spreading music is a good or bad thing for underground music?

*NHV- “P2P is a technology. I don't mind if our live recordings or promo material are distributed in modern channels for free, like in tape trading in old days. I did that for many years and it was very rare to see any official releases listed there. People who put our studio albums for free distribution to P2P trackers, even to Blogger acts in ignorance. I hope they would support more newer artists who release their music for example on Creative Commons license.”
Oh and speaking of P2P / downloading, it's basically a quicker way to bootleg, how do you feel about the Beherit bootlegs doing the rounds. Is it true (rumour alert) that you in fact had an unreleased album recording before 'Drawing Down The Moon' in the old 'Bestial' style that only you and Luttinen had a copy of and he destroyed his to escape it getting into the clutches of the bootleggers?

*NHV- “We are very reasonable to give licenses of music for special releases; cassettes, picture vinyls and other formats, if some label interested and has a decent idea. But those bootleggers never even contact us. They just try to sell that bad quality rip-off and actually it's a pity that some fans are to support their illegal business. That rumour is true. There was an unmixed studio session on C-cassette. Anyway, half of tracks were later released on Drawing Down The Moon.”

How important were tape-trading channels to you? Particularly getting your music heard around the world, as well as you yourself taking influence from what was happening in South America, Singapore and Norway.

*NHV- “Tape trading, flyers and fanzines were the international medium for the underground music. Of course, it was very important also for Beherit. Myself, I had a collection of hundreds of demo, rehearsal and live recordings from independent bands. I spent most of my days to copy tapes and answer to fan club.”

Has it been an easy transition to slide back into the metal world? Is there anything you're looking forward to? Anything you dread?

*NHV- “That's true, but what's so significant happening in metal music for the last ten years? There's not much innovation, except the sad fact that quite amount of metalheads moved to entertainment business. Hipsters flood over bulletin boards and black metal bands sounds like happy carnival melody music? I respect only handful of newer bands and talking about your metal world in general, I would rather go back to my cave.”

Do you still adhere to the motto "drink till you barf blood"?

*NHV- “I did learn that one from Black Winds of Blasphemy. Drink till you barf blood!!!!!!”

Interview courtesy of done by Louise.
First published 13.03.09
Temple ov Beherit Feb/Mar 2009

After many years of NHV saying that Beherit would never return, how did the reformation of Beherit come about?
*SS - The time was right now for returning

Did you ever see yourself reuniting with NHV, or have you been keeping in contact all of these years?

*SS - Yes, We have been keeping contact all of these years.

How is the new Beherit musically, compared to the early years?

*SS - There is old and new.

What can you tell us about everyone in Beherit, what other bands are/have Beherit members been in, musical preference, etc.

*SS - Sami is playing in Thy Serpent.

*SS - Pasi has played string instruments more than 20 years, mainly in Dark/ Death metal bands. At this moment, he plays guitar and do backline vocal parts in band called MMD.

You went into D-studio to record with 60 minutes worth of material and ended up with a 43 minute album, were 2 or 3 songs cut from the track listing, because everyone wasn't satisfied with results?

*SS - We are very pleased for the recording session, but unfortunately we run out of time, so we were not able to finish all material.

Who's the artist design the cover art?

*SS - NHV, together with Janne from Spinefarm.

What do you like most about the new album?

*SS - Music and atmosphere

How would you musically compare "Engram" to previous releases?

*SS - It is primitive like previous releases

Will the new album be released on all formats?

With this album, will there be lyrics?

*SS - Lyrics will be published in our web page (

Is everyone satisfied with the results from this album?

*SS - Yes

Are there plans for albums after Engram or a live DVD?

*SS - Not in this moment.

When performing live later this year, will you be playing old songs along with new ones?

*SS - Live performance will be possible 2010, and of course we will play ”old” songs.

When performing live, will the shows involve a theatrical theme of goats, blood, fog, pentagrams, inverted crosses, etc?

*SS - Something special

How do you perceive black metal fans, old and new anticipating the return?

*SS - This is our thing and we really don’t care.

It's been seventeen years since Beherit's last live show and with Beherit's fan status, do you foresee future shows selling out?

*SS - Never know.

Do you recall how many Beherit shirts where official? (TOoBB(?), lord goat, drink till you barf blood, H418ov21.C)

*SS - No, there is too many shirts.

What is your opinion on the scene now, compared to the early nineties?

*SS - In early nineties it was more intimate, now there is internet and new generation, but the music is the main thing. Good music never dies.

What do you think of the Finnish black metal scene and bands such as Behexen, Warloghe, Satanic Warmaster, Baptism, Anal Blasphemy, etc?

*SS - GoatSodomy and Flame are my favorite Finnish band

What black metal bands do you like from the 21.C?

*SS - Nuclear Desecration R.I.P., Black Witchery, Deathspell Omega, Proclamation.

Interview courtesy of Temple ov Beherit done by ~H|H~.
First published 16.03.09
Beherit - The Return of Goat Worship 03.16.09
Spawning from the edge of Finland’s Arctic Circle, emerged one of the most vicious black metal bands of all time, Beherit. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the bands conception and also happens to be the age of a new era. Beherit founder, Marko Laiho, also known as Halocausto Vengeance expressed to me his plans to release “Engram,” Beherit’s official comeback album, scheduled to be released in April-Easter of 2009. * Interview conducted through a series of emails from 10/2008 - 1/2009.

Beyond the Dark Horizon: It’s been 20 years, thinking back to 1989 when you formed Beherit, what first memories come to mind?
Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance: Noise of the distortion pedals, punk bands with whom we shared our first rehearsal room, Mengele gig on Rovaniemi midsummer festivals, bloodlust, Cogumelo records and hatred people.

BTDH: Beherit was formed by Daemon Fornication, Sodomatic Slaughter and yourself; how did the three of you meet?
NHV: At the time I was playing with “Frost,” but I didn’t enjoy it because it was too technical. Then I was introduced to a guy who was also interested in occult literature and looking for a band to play with. First time we met was at the Rovaniemi midsummer festival in 1989. With Daemon we found a band under the name of “PSEUDOCHRIST.” For a couple of months we went to rehearse with the distance of about 20 kilometers from the city with another drummer, but this guy was not interested in Satanic stuff. I used to go to a skate park near my home and knew a guy there in the same school. He was more into punk rock, but deeper than the others. He was baptized to Sodomatic Slaughter.

BTDH: So you obviously became interested in music at a young age…
NHV: I was 13 years old when I got my first electric guitar. First years I studied “Iron Maiden” tablatures and went to see my friend’s rehearsals, a speed metal band called “Inzest.” Early Beherit is much about that, thanks to Cogumelo Records.

BTDH: Did you ever think that Beherit would attract a cult following?
NHV: Well, we wanted to create severe death metal and keep contact with Satanist organizations, but never thought of Beherit as a cult, just a part of the new fascinating music scene like all the other fellow bands during that time.

BTDH: And it was Beherit’s initial vision to create the most primitive and savage black metal possible?
NHV: Yes, we have always made the music we like to play and listen to. It’s primitive, because we are not interested in technical skills.

BTDH: From goats, pig heads to extreme chaos, how did you perceive Beherit’s live experience back in those days?
NHV: A lot of alcohol, blood, chaos and destroyed equipment.

BTDH: Was the Heavy metal scene also this chaotic in Finland during this time as well?
NHV: It was speed and thrash metal. There were only very few individuals into Satanic stuff. We were the Northeast band, but also the most hated in the scene.

BTDH: Prior, during and after your reign with Beherit, you were involved in many other musical projects, one being “Goat Vulva.” What were your intentions with this project and what other bands were you involved in?
NHV: “Goat Vulva” was about having fun and making noise when drunk. I don’t even remember how many tapes were released? Other bands I played in were “Frost” back in 1988 and together with Sodomatic we had “Saatana” and “The Sex Grinder” projects in 1990, but no official releases. With Demonos Sova we had “Thrash Cruiser,” Syntiset (me w/ Kris Kylven + Antti Litmanen) recorded a studio track + one live show. For “Black Crucifixion” I did produce an intro and wrote some lyrics. “Suuri Shamaani” released a full length album in 1999.

BTDH: And till this day some believe that you were an official member of Black Crucifixion due to your involvement…
NHV: I have NEVER been in Black Crucifixion. If I wrote lyrics to one song or recorded an intro for their first demo, that does not count me to their line-up.

BTDH: Beherit’s sound was always raw. How did you guys go about recording demos? What type of equipment was used?
NHV: “Seventh Blasphemy” was recorded on a Tascam 4-track cassette recorder which we borrowed for a weekend. We had no experience, manuals or anybody to tell how to use it. On the other hand, “Demonomancy” were recorded in a real studio, but with an old man whom heard no rock since Led Zeppelin. All tracks were recorded in five and mixed in three hours. I think we won that studio time in a band competition organized by the cultural office or something like that. I am not sure. It was our first time in a studio. Three months later we went to record “Dawn of Satan’s Millennium” and we did everything twice as fast.

BTHD: What about the dilemma and outcome with “The Lord Diabolus,” why was Beherit material released under this name?
NHV: We had new killer tracks, but Turbo Music didn’t send us money. They were too afraid to send us money for a full length. So, together with Sodomatic we came up with a name, “THE LORD DIABOLUS.”

BTDH: The press seemed to make a big deal about a so-called “Dark War” among the Norwegian and Finnish black metal scene. What actually happened? Did the underground zines spread lies?
NHV: Yes. I just found an interesting source: Mikko Mattila and Janne Sarna from “Isten magazine.” Their old article from 1995 on our fan page, I have to say that’s a piece of art in journalism. These guys were a step ahead from yellow press. All they wrote is total rubbish. The article is full of speculation and lies, every word of it. They just tried to be funny or evil against me.

BTDH: So you never pulled any of the pranks that they mention?
NHV: No, and now after 15 years, I have to correct that, I NEVER did any “pilapuhelu” to Mika Luttinen (as were written in some sources). Why would I have done anything like that? I also myself received death threats from some kids, and some faggots even went to my parents house and painted some shit on their front door entrance.

BTDH: And what about the Beherit member who was featured as front page news, holding a severed pig’s head while on stage? Did this image happen to open the gates to new fans?
NHV: It was a time way before internet. Quite an amount of people left the venue, but I think we made a handful of new true fans. It wasn’t me with a pig head, but our bassist Black Jesus.

BTDH: Some interviews conducted back in the late 90’s mention that you hated “The Oath of Black Blood” album. What really happened with this release?
NHV: We were high on after the successful “Dawn of Satan’s Millennium” and looking for the future, but then our label mixed the majority of our old cassette demo, together with the already released EP, they came up with the title and artwork and released it as a full length album. They did all this without even telling us. When I received the flyer from my tape trading friend I was so disappointed. It was not only a rip off against us, but also our fans.

BTDH: Was anything done in retaliation in efforts to clear this mess up?
NHV: I think the couple who made a mess was Mikko Mattila and Janne Sarna from “Isten Magazine,” Tampere, Finland. Before their story, it was very clear to everyone in the scene and other artists on the label that Turbo Music were nothing but a rip off.

BTDH: “Drawing Down the Moon” is a classic black metal album for many. What do you recall about creating this album?
NHV: We did like our songs and wanted to record an album. I am sorry, don’t recall much. Everything was done very quickly.

BTDH: You funded this entire album by yourself; this album must have been a very important for you?
NHV: Well, somehow I was still hoping for the money from Turbo Music, but when it didn’t arrive, I had to sell my car to pay for the master tape to the studio. No labels were interested to release the album. My income was a warm meal and four dollars a day. I was homeless, no money to rent an apartment. Suddenly it was a very important album for me.

BTDH: Beherit disbanded in 1993, after releasing this great album. What happened?
NHV: My personal life turned too complicated in Kuopio, so I had to move again to a different city, Helsinki.

BTDH: You carried on the Beherit name, releasing 2 more albums that went in a new direction. Some fans and critics had mixed thoughts.
NHV: Only fools or mentally weak people get mixed by listening to music. Beherit is not entertainment business.

BTDH: How important was Satanism in black metal music back in the day? Was it more of a feeling, image and sense of evil or actual devil worship?
NHV: At first we did worship, but then turned into Satanists with a philosophy of self. I had a feeling of demons and connection to abode, so I did continue to make rituals and study occultism much deeper.

BTDH: Would you say that the weather and being located at the edge of the Arctic Circle had any influence on the band?
NHV: Yes, in a bad way.

BTDH: It’s been known that you would compose your projects based on the phases of the moon, enlighten us on this concept.
NHV: It’s a cycle of 29.5 days. There are many similar cycles that happen in nature. This concept is thousands of years old.

BTDH: Are rituals or ceremonies performed during this time? Would you say there is some hint of superstition in Waning and Waxing?
NHV: My rituals are very real. There’s no reason to take part of ceremony, if you are not a true believer. Concentrate your mind; trust in your heart and the magic will happen, sooner or later.

BTDH: For years you have studied the occult and lived a nomad type of lifestyle. How has this transformed or inspired your creativity when creating music?
NHV: In nomad lifestyle, you see the world and its cultures; communicate with people from very different backgrounds. If you keep your eyes and mind open, you will understand the much greater perspective to daily life. There’s some effect, especially in the myths of older cultures. Then some reality check: causes of globalization, western propaganda, corruption, bomb threats, terrorism… but in the end of the day, the Beherit source of inspiration is still very deep in the other worlds.

BTDH: What lies ahead on your next journey must be exciting and marks the dawning of a new era for Beherit. What fans thought was impossible will become a reality this year with a Beherit comeback album. It’s been recorded already correct?
NHV: Yes, it was recorded in December 2008 at D-Studios, Finland. The album is yet to be mastered and missing the artwork.

BTDH: What inspired you to create another Beherit album after all these years?
NHV: To have a band playing together, after years of making music in home studio.

BTDH: Original Beherit drummer, Sodomatic Slaughter is the only other original member, besides yourself; did you two keep in touch throughout the years?
NHV: Sodomatic has had his punk rock bands up and going. I haven’t taken a part of those, but yes we have been keeping in touch and having a beer once in a while.

BTDH: As for the rest of the new Beherit lineup, are or were they involved in other bands?
NHV: Ancient Corpse Desekrator is working with Spikefarm Records and is known for his band “Thy Serpent.” Abyss I met for the first time in the early ’90s, when he had a band called “Mystification.” His other bands have been “Chaos” Weaver and he’s now in “MMD.”

BTDH: Defiantly a worthy lineup! I’m really anticipating this release, when should we expect it and is there a title set?
NHV: The album is to be released on Easter. It’s called “Engram.”

BTDH: Why did you choose Easter as a release date and Engram as the title?
NHV: It was supposed to be out on Vernal Equinox, but due to delays in mastering it’s now on Easter. I can’t remember any particular reason to Engram, but at least it looks great written with Beherit on the spine of album.

BTDH: Would you say the sound and vision presented in “Engram” is where Beherit left off?
NHV: I think Beherit has developed a sound very much of its own. I would say that this album is a very logical continuation in the Beherit discography. Anyway, understanding the avant-gardish nature of two previous albums, there’s a chance to find us playing for example “Psychobilly,” but even so, that song would still have that same diabolical presence of Beherit. There’s a logic, but not necessary a linear.

BTDH: And this is exactly what has made Beherit the band it is known for today. Looking back, do you wish you would have done anything differently? Perhaps not disband or continued to make “Beherit” albums?
NHV: No, not really. Some small details in musical composition and bad business, but regarding my letter to Isten Magazine, dated on September 11th, 1995, it was a right decision. The kind of shit they came up with in an article was not very fair, but at least I got the distance I needed.

BTDH: I mentioned to you sometime back the idea of Beherit performing a few live dates here in the US. Is this out of the question or is there a slight chance?
NHV: I am sorry, but it’s not gonna happen anytime soon. Everything is possible. Keep in touch.

BTDH: In the end, what would you like Beherit to be remembered by?
NHV: I don’t know, perhaps, some weird alien doomsday theory.

BTDH: Anything else we should be expecting from Beherit for the rest of 2009?
NHV: I am not going to be back in Finland until June. I have some musical projects, but it’s too early to say what is what, yet to come on 2009.

BTDH: Thanks for speaking with me; it’s been an honor to find out the real story behind Beherit from the actual source. Any last rites of passage?
NHV: Feed the dog.

Best Regards,

Revolver 01.07.09


Finnish black-metal legends Beherit have just put out their first new album in 14 years (since their two, excellent ambient-electronic releases in ’94 and ’95) and their first new metal album in 16. The record, Engram (Spinefarm), recalls the raw crunch of their now-classic demos comp, 1991’s The Oath of Black Blood, as well as the avant-garde melodies of 1993’s Drawing Down the Moon. We contacted frontman Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance to find out how the last decade and a half fueled his decision to reunite with drummer Sodomatic Slaughter, draft two new members, and create such a terrifying-sounding album.
Why have you re-formed Beherit after all these years?
I didn’t have any particular reason or master plan for this so-called comeback. After years of working alone in my home studio, it was inspiring to play again with real musicians.

Why, after Electric Doom Synthesis, did you wish to return to a more traditional black-metal sound on Engram?
It’s a real band recording. I’m able to produce electronic music myself on a computer, but I’m not good in playing drums. On Engram, we focused the time and spirit of “The Lord Diabolus,” which was the last studio session I had with Sodomatic, our original drummer. After such a long silence, we thought it’s better to keep things simple.

Engram’s final song, “Demon Advance,” is very different from the others. Why is that?
Yes, it has slower tempo and runs longer than a typical Beherit song. It was composed from never-ending loops during weeks of insomnia. It was the first demo recording [for the album] and it made me think about a possible comeback. At some early point, I was thinking of a concept album based on that style, but I chose to skip the idea for later use. In our rehearsal room, it was more natural to play faster stuff.

How does a typical Beherit song come together?
I have couple of riffs on the guitar and some words to create the atmosphere. I usually record the first demo version myself, with written tablatures and give the other members a short explanation of the original idea before we go to rehearse song together. Later there come more variation in rhythms and necessary changes for the final composition.

How did you spend your time during your absence from Beherit?
I have been busy with various internet projects, working as a webmaster for hotel and restaurant. I have a small recording studio for electronic music. I also had an ambient-music radio show for six years, specializing in drones and dark ambient. I have traveled quite a lot, mostly in Southeast Asia.

 In what ways are fans of electronic music and metal similar?
They are all hungry for new music, and they search for rarities.
Your lyrics have almost always had some satanic message to them. In what ways does your personal life reflect your lyrics?
Beherit is pretty much my personal life. During daytime, I usually sleep and I live only in the night.
You’ve said that, in order to release your debut, 1992’s Drawing Down the Moon, you had to sell your car and become homeless. Tell me about those times.
Yes, I had to sell my car to pay the studio rent. [Our German-based label at the time] Turbo Music never sent us the money, so we canceled their deal and sadly there was no label interested to release the album. At the time, I was doing my non-military service, so I had no income, except some occasional jobs. That was the time before the internet revolution, so it took months to get things sorted out and a new deal signed. Spinefarm Records [who eventually released the album] was just a small record mailorder that time, but they were independent and they were from Finland... So it was also logistically much easier to negotiate and work with them. Very soon, after I got the advance royalty from Spinefarm, I moved to live in Helsinki, and later got employed at their record store.
The black-metal community of the early ’90s was known for violence and “scene disputes.” Can you tell me a story about something you experienced firsthand?
We have been lucky to avoid all the worst scenarios. There’s been some threats against us and people really did hate Beherit back then, but there was never any violence that I remember. Impaled Nazarene and Barathrum were the bands to take care of fights.
What’s the biggest misconception younger fans have about Beherit’s history?
I heard a story, that Beherit were slaughtering chickens onstage, but that’s untrue. [Laughs] Instead of birds, [our original bassist] Black Jesus smashed a pig’s head. The mutilated head was then thrown to audience and played like football.
In many of your old interviews, you talk about Mayhem singer Dead and his influence on you. Did you know him personally? If so, what is your fondest memory of him?
I didn’t know him personally. It was Euronymous in Mayhem, with whom I used to write. I am not sure, if he was [one of our ex-bassists] Daemon’s pen pals. Later, I got Dead’s old T-shirt, the same one I was wearing in the back cover of The Oath of Black Blood album.
You were around 18 when The Oath of Black Blood came out, and you’ve lived through a lot since then. What do you know now at 30-something that you wouldn’t have admitted to yourself at 18?
[Laughs] I don’t know... Perhaps, that I would have a short hairstyle or that I’d still even be alive.
Who are some musical artists you listen to for pleasure?
[Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV mainman] Genesis P-Orridge and [electronic-music group] the Future Sound of London.
In your day-to-day life, what makes you happy?
Friends and solemn conversations, especially about dying.
Will Beherit be touring or playing any shows anytime soon?
It’s possible. Hopefully next year. We are yet to decide.
Lastly, will there be more Beherit music in the future to look forward to?
Yes, at least some format in the autumn.

Interview by Kory Grow